Washington, D.C., Danville, Va. Among Most Unemployed Cities

The metro area of Vineland, N.J., Rocky Mount, N.C., Palm Coast, Fla., Dalton, Ga., and Waterbury, Conn., are among the cities with double-digit unemployment rates, Business Insider reported citing figures from a new Bureau of Labor Statistics employment report.

At the end of 2012, the U.S. national unemployment rate was 7.8%. Unemployment rates were lower in 322 out of 372 metropolitan areas, higher in 36 areas and unchanged in 14 areas compared to the same time last year, the report said.

Yuma, Ariz. and El Centro, Calif. recorded the highest unemployment rates at 27.5% and 26.6% respectively.

Here’s a snapshot of cities with relatively high unemployment rates, in order of magnitude:

Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, N.J.Percent unemployed: 12.9%
No. unemployed: 9,200

Rocky Mount, N.C.
Percent unemployed: 11.7%
No. unemployed: 8,700

Palm Coast, Fla.
Percent unemployed: 11.4%
No. unemployed: 3,900

Dalton, Ga.
Percent unemployed: 11.0%
No. unemployed: 6,400

Waterbury, Conn.
Percent unemployed: 10.7%
No. unemployed: 10,900

Brownsville-Harlingen, Texas
Percent unemployed: 9.7%
No. unemployed: 15,200

New Bedford, Mass.
Percent unemployed: 9.5%
No. unemployed: 8,200

New York City
Percent unemployed: 8.7%
No. unemployed: 342,600

Salisbury, Md.
Percent unemployed: 8.6%
No. unemployed: 5,400

Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Percent unemployed: 8.6%
No. unemployed: 25,100

Danville, Va.
Percent unemployed: 7.7%
No. unemployed: 4,000

Manchester, N.H.
Percent unemployed: 5.4%
No. unemployed: 5,700

Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.
Percent unemployed: 5.0%
No. unemployed: 162,400

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