Reality Mobile Group Raises Half of $4.3 Million Offering

David Kramer

Reality Mobile Group Inc., a developer of enterprise mobile technology, has raised $2.25 million, or about 53 percent of a $4.25 million mixed offering, from one investor.

Principals named in the filing by the Herndon, Va.-based company are:

·         Chairman Patrick McVeigh;
·         Co-Founder, President and CEO David Kramer;
·         Co-Founder and Chief Scientist David Rensin;
·         Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Brian Geoghegan;
·         Chief Technology Officer Kevin Winters;
·         CFO Barry Glauberman;
·         Director Leif Andre Skare, partner, Houston-based Energy Ventures; and
·         Director Kristian Lier, investment manager at Energy Ventures.

Reality Mobile helps companies provide mobile access to video, data and sensors. Its RealityVision platform enables real-time video sharing and visual collaboration capabilities via mobile devices.

Since 2009, the startup has been backed by Chevron Technology Ventures, the Dobson Partnership and Energy Ventures.

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